Flammae –
a scout newspaper
Mova 2022
In 2022 the biggest scouting camp in Switzerland took place in Goms, Valais, with over 30,000 Scouts gathering. Flammae was the Newspaper that documents the camp for the kids taking part. Our mission was to inform, teach and entertain.
The layout was created with the young audience in mind and the unique situation of the scout camp. The layout can be read from all sides of the newspaper. Because in a scout camp you never read the newspaper alone. That way the newspaper could be read by kids from all sides of the newspaper, and they did.
Through 2 weeks 8 Editions of the Flammae were created, and released every second day. Apart from fresh news from the camp, they each had a different focus on the scouting world. Such as the night edition which covered the nightly activities in the camp and were the layout only used black and yellow as color. Or the diversity edition or the scout law which focuses on the integral parts of scout values.
3 Languages
Switzerland is a special country as it has not only 1 offical language but 4. With romantsch making only a minute part of the population. Thats why we had to create a newspaper that is readable in 3 languages. Using language stickers to guide the reader quickly to which articles are in their language and wich ones are not.
Why a newspaper?
During 2 weeks, kids camp outdoors, make food over fire, and leave their digital devices at home. That's why we had to reach them through an analog medium such as the newspaper.
Keeping the Headlines fresh and interesting is an important part of keeping the attentionspan of a young reader. But it was also important to be able to create variation quick as we usually had hard deadlines with a newspaper beeing printed every two days and layout usually only taking part in the last 6 hours.
I have never been more stressed in my life than I was through those 2 weeks. But I also never had so much fun, created so much and worked with such an amazing team. So thank you to all involved!
Kernteam / Equipe principale / Team principale Alexander Kuhn v/o Gecko (gck) Fabiano Vanetta v/o Tenshi (te) Livia Merz v/o Wiff (wi) Miro Hintermüller v/o Quiz (quz) Merlin Obrero v/o Cielo Tizian Schöni v/o Blup (blp)
Design / Layout Merlin Obrero v/o Cielo Joël Gutmann v/o Taifun 
Illustration / Illustrations / Illustrazioni Tobias Tschopp v/o Lennon (le) 
Reporter*innen / Reporters / Reporter Andrew Burrows v/o Joker (jo) Annina Reusser v/o Paña (pa)Caroline Dulout v/o Lautari (lau) Diana Nauer v/o ToPa (top)Elia Gianini v/o Tex (tex)  Eva Brunschweiler v/o Alupa (al) Heidi Mohr v/o Smily (hms) Laurent Dulout v/o Lolo (lol) Linus Albertin v/o Silencio (sil)  Lorenz Gasser v/o Fefer (fe) Lorenzo Zambelli v/o Xenon (gse) Lucie Germanier v/o Chardon bleu (cb) Martin Bucher v/o Iltis (ilt) Martin Döbeli v/o Feivel (fei) Melanie Röthlisberger v/o Cambia (cmb) Nicole Christmann-Schiess v/o Papilio (ncp) Rachel Oesch v/o Hérisson (hro) Rahel Diethelm v/o Lumix (lum) Sabeth Schaad v/o Tharsea (tha) Sara Rašić v/o Mica (mic) Sonja Dürmüller v/o Fratz (fr) Tobias Tschopp v/o Lennon (le) Yorick Züblin v/o Fantasio (fa) 
Fotograf*innen / Photographes / Fotografi/e Aline d’Auria v/o ShediraBjörn Huber v/o Schmirgl Christian Frei v/o Timon Diego Borsotti Dominic Brügger v/o Newton Florian Koller v/o Sirius Jan Thoma v/o Namur Jeffrey Dozier v/o Tayra Jillian Morell v/o Murima Nicolà Gabriel v/o Pinto Olivia Guyer v/o Anuk Thomas Hirt v/o Kirk Till Böhringer v/o Pallas
Spezieller Dank / Remerciements particuliers/ Ringraziamenti particolari: Team traduction du mova mova-Bereich Print Schreibmaschinenmuseum Bibern 
Ausgaben / Edition / Edizioni: 8 
Auflage / Tirage / Tiratura: 11´500 
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CIL Centre d’impression Lausanne SA
mova-Designteam Anabel Keller v/o Felis Marisa Zürcher v/o Foschlä Rahel Imboden v/o Sheewa
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